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Flicker Noise Measurement Systems

The AdMOS low frequency noise measurement systems are a technically mature solution for the analysis of the noise effects of electronic components and systems in the low frequency range from 0.1Hz to 10MHz. In this range the different noise types such as 1/f noise, shot noise, thermal noise and random telegraph noise can be measured.

The systems consist of the 3012 Filter Unit, which should be placed as close as possible to the object to be measured in order to minimize interference caused by long measurement cables. The 3022/3023 Control Unit connects the system to a standard PC on which the control software is installed.

Ready-to-use templates in the control software, which can be flexibly modified, allow the measurement of FETs (CMOS, HVMOS, OTFT, HEMTs, etc.), BJTs, diodes, resistors and other components on wafers or as packaged devices. In addition, the noise behaviour of entire circuits, e.g. of amplifiers, can be tested.

The system is designed to automatically determine the optimum setting for the highest accuracy of noise measurement depending on the selected DC operating point of the DUT. This setting can be modified so that the focus is on higher throughput during measurement with reduced resolution at the same time.

The measuring system is controlled by a new and intuitive control software under Windows®. In addition to the basic noise measurement option, there are extensions for controlling a semi-automatic wafer probe station and for measuring the DC and capacitance-voltage behavior of components.

AdMOS offers two systems:

The AdMOS 3002A Flicker Noise System has an integrated Dynamic Signal Analyzer in the 3023 Control Unit and offers an extended frequency range of 0.1Hz-10MHz, shorter measurement times and a more precise resolution of the noise signals.

pdf AdMOS 3002A Flicker Noise System

The 3001B Flicker Noise System uses an external Dynamic Signal Analyzer (35670A) to measure the noise voltage in the range of 1Hz-100kHz at lower measurement speed. Please be advised that the 35670A is now longer manufactured and support is limited.

pdf AdMOS 3001B Flicker Noise System

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